Glitches, Hiccups, Setbacks

I had just finished the final touches and printed the first hard copy of the Moringa booklet.  I was going to begin teaching a class on Moringa with a powerpoint that coming Saturday, April 9th.  It would be my third attempt to meet with the house mothers at CCH and share about this wonderful, nutritious leaf, when my computer just quit.  It shut down suddenly.  After letting it rest overnight and nothing had changed, my mind went whirling.  All the months of work and preparation were gone. There was no other place to retrieve it; I had no backup.  I suddenly felt mental fatigue and was in kind of a daze.  I thought, “Not again.”  This was getting really old.  I was getting tired of all the attempts to begin this class all to come to a screeching halt.  For two days while in this daze, all I could do was ask the Lord “Now what?  How do I continue what I have started and worked towards?”  Maybe it was not meant to be.

In determining the next step regarding the computer, we sent out a request if there were any missionary IT people close by that could take a look at it.  We had heard about a missionary family who had just gone through the same thing and said they would be happy to look at my computer.  After a couple of days, they said I still had a warranty on my computer and anyone tearing into it now would void the warranty.  They recommended I send it in for repair.

Since Zachery and Olivia were taking off soon, we decided to send it back with them.  They would take it to the person who could deliver it to the direct place I purchased the computer.  Now it is a waiting game to see if they can rescue my information.  Please pray that they are able to retrieve my work and that there will be no rebuilding of this lost information.

In the meantime, my thoughts are on the privileges I have been given to have certain blessings in life such as the ability to use technology to do research, to gain knowledge, and to put information together to help others.

Part 2

A couple of days after Zachery and Olivia arrived back, they explained that the computer almost did not leave the country of Haiti.

Lately, for security purposes, they are asking for computers to be turned on going through security points.  I guess computers are being gutted and turned into explosive units.  So to turn the computer on means there is still a valid computer.  When they asked Zachery to turn it on, he said, “That is why we have it to take back, it is broken.  It won’t turn on.” After talking to the supervisor, they moved them on.  Praise the Lord!

Thank you Zachery and Olivia for taking care of that for us.



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