Moringa Booklet in Creole, HOT off the presses

Doliv Booklet
Doliv Booklet

WOW!!  It is here.  The first ever, Moringa Booklet of its kind in Creole.

          I don’t even know where to begin.  I am so excited for this accomplishment.  It has taken me about four years to get to this point.  It is the first step to get this valuable tool into the hands of Haitians so that they can begin understanding the wonderful blessing God has given them for health and wellness through the Moringa Tree.
          The story is a long, frustrating one, but good gifts don’t always come in easy to open packages.  Yet, miracles do happen along the way for encouragement.
          My first instructional class took about five minutes in the beginning of March of 2013 with the CCH Madams.  It was a quick showing of the tree, how to clean the leaves, and
letting dry them in the shade.
          Three months later the Country of Haiti endorsed the Moringa Tree as a source of great nutritional benefit, animal feed, and a help with reforesting Haiti.  Digicel, the National leading telephone company sent an endorsement of the Moringa Tree to each one of its customers in the country as a text.  It was truly an answer to our prayers as we seemed to hit dead ends as we tried to promote the benefit of Moringa.
Moringa Potassium Benefit
Moringa Potassium Benefit

          After discovering that pictures and storytelling were best approach to teaching in Haiti,  I began praying for a way to do this.  The Lord knew my dilemma and sent Dan LeBlanc on a team who was a cartoonist.  How do you like that.  Gifts do fall from heaven.  After sharing my thoughts with Dan, he was gracious to work with me on nutritional concepts in cartoon form. This was no easy task, as I was still learning what would make sense to the Haitian in art form.

          Late November of 2013 I received the first art-work from Dan.  Once I had these, I began putting together a picture book about the nutritional benefits of Moringa.  It wouldn’t be until halfway through the next year that I would have another opportunity to teach the Madams.  I tried only twice to find that our schedules were not cooperating well.  Finally, Madam Kada just asked for a book.
          PowerPoints also work very well here, so I had begun putting together a Moringa PowerPoint in English and was ready to go, I just needed a translator.  Les had gathered all the older girls and housemothers for the first official teaching of Moringa and its benefits.  This was two weeks before our return home for Christmas 2014, and I thought I could do the whole thing then in two Saturdays…or so I thought.
Doliv Instructional Page

          Jackson, a young man who we have helped to learn English, came to the rescue to help translate for me; but during the seminar, of all things, the sun came out and was so bright in the chosen room, you could not even see the images well enough to benefit the class.  Then, the sheets that I gave Jackson to follow along with got into the hands of the girls and they got mixed up. This half hour to 45 minute seminar took three hours.  I could see the expressions on the housemothers faces.  I knew they had to get back to work.   I felt so bad and so discouraged.  It was obvious that the intended two, half hour to 45 minute sessions on back to back Saturdays would take longer than anticipated. Really, the nutritional benefit of Moringa deserves more than a flying attempt to “get er done”.  I truthfully also needed to get the PowerPoint and booklet translated into Creole.

          Knowing how busy Djoune (Eddy’s wife) was, we had a friend in Haiti who had just translated a book into Creole and asked for his help. When I finally finished that project, I showed Djoune the book, and she said she also wanted to help. So, I gave her the book.  It took me months after that to complete the PowerPoint because we suddenly left Haiti in September to take care of my tooth issues.  We returned to Haiti January, 2016 and four months later April of 2016, I printed the first Creole Moringa master copy.  I was gearing up to begin the Moringa seminars again. Then…in April my computer died.  I was stunned.  All that work was gone just like that.  You can read about that whole episode in Glitches, Hiccups, Setbacks.

          About a week ago, I just decided to get the master copy printed and there you have it, with lots of sweat and tears.  Hot off the presses on May 26, 2016, is this beautiful book.  May God bless it to bless others.  The rest of the story is yet to be unfolded.  I am still waiting for my computer and ALL of the information safe and sound on it.  Please pray for the right people and the right tools necessary to fix this problem.
Dan LeBlanc, Thank you for your willingness to use your artistic gift to help with this project.
Djoune, Thank you for your help in proofreading the Creole.
Cory Thede, Thank you for your efforts in translating this valuable material into Creole

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