Our babies are growing up!

James 1:27 has had its first babies graduate.  The next stage has begun. (see photo’s below)

They are now all attending pre-preschool, which begins at three years of age and seem to be adjusting very well.  At the beginning of the school year, these graduates moved to their new home either at CCH or at Joshua House.

It all began in early 2013. Les and I were sitting in our living room on Mia Road.  We had not moved to the beach house yet.  Eddy came for a brief visit on his way to the Center just to tell us where he had just been.  He had just seen babies in a hospital in a corner being thrown away and left to die and a couple of babies with jaundice laying in the sun, getting a sunburn.  My heart broke.  It was then that I began praying for a way to help these helpless babies. Les and I talked with Eddy and Djoune on what to do to help.  None of us had an answer to this so we all committed it to the Lord in prayer.

One day Eddy asked Les about having a place for widows.  Les responded and said, “what about the babies as well?”  Eddy said, “I was thinking about that, but didn’t know how you would feel.”  That’s when the vision of the James 1:27 Center was birthed.

In January 2014, Baby Reuben came.  The James 1:27 Village was not yet ready to house babies and Eddy could no longer say no.  So one of the CCH dorms received Baby Reuben with open arms. There has been a steady flow of babies coming ever since.  Here are a couple of ways you can help if so moved:

  • These nine graduates are currently not sponsored.  Annual sponsorship at CCH and Joshua House is $2,000.  If interested, please contact us for the necessary information.
  • James 1:27 – Since adoption is not possible yet, here are some continuous ways to meet James 1:27’s daily needs:  Diapers, Wipes, Lotion, Powder, Enfamil and Isomil Formula, and Financial Sponsorship.

Please pray for these grads and their continued adjustment to their new home and their schooling.  Please continue praying for the little ones at James 1:27 and for their needs.  Please pray how the Lord would have you be involved in their lives.

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