High & Low

Hurricane Matthew Food Distribution

After we began our food distribution efforts to the Bamboula Beach residents, as a result from hurricane Matthew, Les found out that the inland residents were the only residents that received the food.  Those residents living on the beach would not attempt to go to the magistrates house which is located on the left veering curve in the neighborhood area that you must drive through to get to the beach house.  We had dropped two loads of food.

Upon hearing this, Les made arrangements to pick up more food.  Just recently, we distributed two loads of food to the beach dwellers; however, this time Janette, the magistrate, came to the beach house to hand the food out and the inland residents refrained from coming.

This brings back memories to us of when we lived in a remote village called Maraingyur in India.  It had two sections, a high caste area and a low-caste area, which was divided by a 2-3 mile long foot/bike path.  Separating the two sections of the same village were agricultural rice paddy fields.  If you have been to the beach house in Haiti, you will have recognized a similar set-up.  How ironic – that no matter where you live, there is a segregation of sorts: low, middle, and high-class societies.

Janette, the Magistrate, is on the right. Denise, on the left, comes to help with yard work and other grounds upkeep

When Janette came, she tore open all the boxes and in neat piles laid out a portion of meals per household.  When she was ready to receive the residents, she sat down with a pad of graph-style padded note paper and a pen.  As the people came, they gave her their name and took their portion. Janette watched as each household took their portion.  When they left she proceeded by asking for the name of the next household name.  In the end 110 inland residents were fed and 148 beach dwellers are fed.  We praise God He has trusted us to be His instruments to make a difference anywhere we are.

Reflecting on this whole situation, we are reminded what we read in Romans 2:11 which says that the Lord God is not a respecter of persons.  Every one is important in his eyes.  If only we could follow the cultural system the Bible lays out for us to have, how much better off we would be.


Manna Packs Laid Out In Stacks Per Household
First Small Group Of Recipients

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