A devotional time is a regular important part of the Aliyah Return Center’s (ARC’S) daily activity. The schedule does change a bit due to the group size and time of year as you will soon read.


When the Discipleship Journey for Israel (DJI) was here, every day included a time set aside to have a communal breakfast @ 6:30 a.m. and worship @ 7 a.m. with devotions to start our day.  Devotions were longer with worship leaders and a devotional series/teaching on the covenantal promises to the Jewish people.

The annual DJI group kept a detailed schedule and stayed for almost a month.  Again, we arrived the day after they did, so we participated in their schedule.  Once the DJI left, the schedule was more relaxed.

After the larger group left and COVID-19 hit, we began meeting at 8:25 – 9:00 a.m. and were divided up into nucleus families of no more than 10 persons. One of the devotions before we broke into nucleus families, Les was asked to lead a devotion.  You can listen to his devotion by clicking here.

SMALLER GROUP DEVOTIONS:  Our family was seven, five single ladies on three mornings a week: Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.  Tuesday and Thursday we were on an honor system to have our own individual devotional time.  Friday and Saturday are Shabbot.

Because of the ever-changing climate of people coming and going, we are presently down to three ladies and soon that will change.  Two of our young ladies had to leave, meeting a very empty airport and plane and face a fresh 14 day of quarantine start to their return home.  Shortly after their departure, many of the restrictions lifted in Israel.

We will begin meeting as a group again with the Volunteers that are here for a longer duration of time.


When the rains stop and the weather peaks the upper 90’s and into the lower hundreds, devotions take place after lunch.  To take advantage of as many daylight hours as possible, work begins at 7 a.m. two hours earlier than usual.  So the regular devotional time is moved.

This is a welcomed move for some who are not morning people.  This also fits well for a relaxed personal devotion in the morning without having to rush to get ready for the day.

Here is what comes up next in the line-up of our “normal” life:  BIBLE STUDY

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