Heat Wave

Our 4th Month in Israel at the
Aliyah Return Center (ARC) began with unusually rainy days and THEN an unusual heatwave hit.

Our temperatures reached 115 degrees with drying winds.

Our plants were progressing very well and in two days we about lost most of them. (pictures below)

Our newly planted trees are well watered, but the heat is trying to burn their tender leaves.  Thankfully, the trees are doing better than the garden plants and shade cloth is the plan for them during the summer.

Our nucleus family disappeared, and we are down to a hand full of full-time Volunteers.






Has the workload diminished due to the heat?

Uhm, no, not really.  The work continues on, but the helping hands slowed down considerably due to the COVID-19 situation.  There are a number of people that did remain in Israel after flights shutdown, satisfied their mandate to quarantine and few knew about the ARC or heard about it and headed our way…the LORD’s provision.  PTL!


“The Vertical”.  The Vertical is the future 24/7 Worship Center that will also house teams that can stay for a designated time to Worship.  A donation from China was given to renovate this building.  The dedication of this building took place on a very special day called Shavuot (Pentecost), on Thursday the 28th.  There were special international guest speakers and worship songwriters via Zoom in attendance as well as local friends of the ARC.

Even during COVID-19, this project continued to be under construction.  The hope is to post its transformation, so please be looking for images of its transformation.



These projects are the upkeep of this ARC property.  Aside from ARC’s general vision to help facilitate Aliyah for the returning Jewish people by making sure there is a place for them to stay, there is the ongoing maintenance of these buildings and grounds.  This includes the upkeep of all the buildings on the property that continually are used by other Jewish groups.  BUT, there is a problem…

There are not enough hands to maintain the buildings and grounds.  The ARC facilitates in this area through volunteers that come.  The buildings continue to be occupied by different groups within the country, but with insufficient volunteer’s hands to help in between these different occupants. Since COVID-19, there are no volunteers coming to serve in these areas.

This month alone has seen three groups each staying a few days and a team of pre-army leaders just arrived for orientation.  These pre army groups always come through the JA.  In between groups, there in a need to repair things and make sure everything isworking well.  That’s the ARC’s job.

The ARC received an African tourist named Yola, who is here helping in the kitchen and hospitality area.  She is waiting for flights out of Israel to South Africa are flying again, which means she will most likely stick around till July when those flights are reported to commence flying.  Until then we will enjoy having her around and have fun watching her African culture come through.  Yola is a vibrant, very upbeat, joyful young lady and is willing to put her hands into service wherever they are needed.


LES, is the right-hand person of the project’s manager, Garret.  Together they weed wack, mow, fix broken parts of machines and buildings.

In addition to making sure the nursery plants are doing well, Les makes sure that the newly planted trees are watered, shaded, and fixes most water leaks.  Every plant here has really suffered due to the HEATWAVE Israel had this month.  We are not sure how many nursery plants will survive.

CATHERINE helps out in the kitchen and clean up.  WOW!   Her other responsibilities are keeping you in the loop through the various forms of media (Instagram, youtube, monthly newsletter, and this blog.)


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What will

next month

look like?

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