At 7 p.m., on Tuesday nights we attend a bible study to which we were invited in the upper Galilee area called Poriya.

When COVID-19 hit, we stopped going.  We attempted to connect through a Zoom meeting like most everyone else was doing, but we were faced with some other problems.

We had to walk into the kibbutz where the Family House is located.  The Family House has a faster internet connection.

The Zoom was just too difficult to keep that going partly because the kibbutz didn’t like everyone going to the Family House which is located in the kibbutz, especially with COVID-19.  Another reason was that the Zoom was cutting in and out and made interaction almost impossible.  A newer Jewish believer attendee was asking all kinds of questions.  We decided to wait until we could all meet again in person.

May 12 was our first night back and we are meeting at 7:00 p.m. Lots of things change in the Summer because it is just too hot.  The temperature has reached 111 degrees but thankfully the higher elevation brings a cooling atmosphere and with it being later in the day we experience lower temperatures as well.

We are currently studying the book of Daniel.  Our leader is a digger and brings depth to the study through historical accounts as well as current world events.  We leave the study with much to think about each week.

July 7 we began meeting again.  We have finished the book of Daniel and are now studying the covenants and shortly on to the book of Revelation.  We are very excited about what we will learn and are looking up for the return of our LORD and Savior.

Here is what comes up next in the line-up of our “normal” life:  WORK

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