During the winter, around the time we arrived in Israel, it was cooler.  There was no push to get going (to work) very early. A group called, “The Discipleship Journey for Israel” (DJI) was here and generally visits in the Israeli winter.  It is kept busy most of the morning with work.  The afternoons were filled with speakers and a little free time off.

SUMMER WORK HOURS ( Hebrew: שעון קיץ ‎ sha’on kayits “Summer Clock”)

April-May is regarded as Spring.  April and May’s average highs are around 22-25 C / 72-77 F. Summer is June to September.  June through September and even October present highs of approximately 27-30 C / 81-86 F.

We cannot fathom what true Summer will feel like if May is Spring.  May brought very hot temperatures and so far we have experienced 111 degrees in the afternoon.  Drinking fluids is key to stay hydrated.  Many who work outside during this time take it easier during the afternoon hours.  The ARC starts earlier in the morning when it is cooler to take advantage of two more hours before the heat really hits.

There is a never-ending workload for the few hands since COVID-19.  With the closed borders, ARC’S regular incoming, out-of-Israel Volunteer help is at an all-time low.

Recently, most of the South American team of youth that was here for a couple of months, left June 1st.  Three remain for another 10 days and are now gone.

PTL, the Jewish Agency (JA) has booked our next group to replace the South Americans.  We are learning that the JA is constantly booking these rooms with in-country groups to help with its revenue.  They may be able to help with jobs around the campus.


  1. The Vertical – I, Catherine, will post more about this is in another blog.
  2. The Cafeteria/Office/Internet for the whole campus. –  All offices will be located in another building, which needs walls torn down, and a new floor plan to implement.  Les will help with this project.
  3. The garden growing season is on hold but not forgotten.  We do have exciting plans to share about this later regarding that.  In the meantime, he is taking care of the newly planted trees around the Golim building, the first place we staying upon our arrival.  Read more about our three homes here.  Learn about the trees by visiting our Instagram posts here.
  4. New International Building set up – This is where our kitchen, meals, and Shabbat will be held.  More on that in another post.
  5. The Aliyah Family House – that houses for right now, Interns and Volunteers, and anyone that wants a place to rent for a weekend.  It is where we held our bible study one evening via Zoom during COVID-19.  The outside is getting a landscaping facelift.  Les has done some work there but for the most part, they are trying to use Israeli workers.

What’s next in the line-up of our semi-“normal” life:


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