Generally, all staff meals are shared and so is the kitchen.  As you may know from our article Our Three Homes, our places of residents are dorm-like.

Right now our staff/volunteer group is very small.  I will introduce you to our new communal family in another post.

For now, lunch takers are 9-10 and supper takers are about the same only with some different people due to schedules.


For a week, and being very short-staffed, I, Catherine, inherited being the head of hospitality/kitchen, which originally included meals, rental properties, etc.  There simply is not another person to fill this role, and it is a full-time job.

When I was first asked, thankfully, I had another young lady helping with meal preparation named Yola, from South Africa in Cape Town.  We shared kitchen duties include:

  1. Meal planning
  2. I collected the grocery list, sent it to the main office for purchasing for the week’s groceries.  There is a designated budget for meals and other hospitality items.
  3. Organize the kitchen, making sure everything is inventoried for meals and rental properties.
  4. My part was to prepare lunch for our small group of up to 7 to 8 people plus any visitors.


Most of the time, this is just a couple of sandwich varieties and vegetable tray items.  Pretty simple preparing fresh sandwich spreads and cutting vegetable tray items.  Sometimes reheating leftovers from Shabbat meal is necessary.  Recently, I prepared an eggplant dish just for a new item.  Israeli’s really like eggplant but so does the staff.  I collected 10 different types of eggplant dishes and was prepared to make something new.

THEN, I shared at the end of the month, I would need to step back for a week to work on our newsletter.  They decided to have lunches catered from the local Kibbutz.  They seem very happy with this decision and will continue using this catering service.

My plate is lighter.


Yola, South Africa, was responsible for the evening meal and does a really good job of throwing things together.  Because she worked in the kitchen differently than I do, and I plan ahead with meal plans, and since she was in the kitchen more, we had an agreement.  You know how it goes when there are two kitchen queens and getting along can happen.  I agreed to help her in a pinch if she needed it preparing supper.

She was on borrowed time though.  We did not know how long she will be around.  She is waiting for news from her consulate as to when she can book her flight to South Africa.  It sounds like it gets really complicated and there are a number of South Africans still in Israel waiting for the skies to open up to return to their homeland.  She did get the news that South Africa was closing their skies and to travel as soon as possible, that their border would not open up again till January.

She is now gone but was very helpful in meal preparation while here.

Because the catering service provides plenty at LUNCH, it was decided that left over’s will be the plan for SUPPER.  They may continue on this course hereafter.

Here is what comes up next in the line-up of our “semi-“normal” life:


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