GET-A-WAYS are very special to long term Volunteers and Staff.  Each get-a-way is unique and is a valuable part of the Aliyah Return Center’s (ARC’s) ministry.  A high priority of the ARC is to keep its volunteers and staff from getting burn out.  The pace of this busy beehive has that natural propensity with so many moving parts and its levels of challenge.  It is wonderful to be a part of a ministry that cares about their Volunteer staff in this way.  These times vary in date, space of time, and location.

Get-A-Ways for the Staff:

Monthly – Every month a morning is planned to get off the ARC’s property and escape from the beehive.  For the Volunteer staff, it is very special to time of feeling encouraged, being allowed to give extra input, and strengthened to continue fulfilling and occupying with good works the LORD God has placed on each of our lives for His glory until He returns.

Get-A-Ways for each Volunteer:

Weekly – Each volunteer is highly encouraged to take a day off.  Some do not feel the need while others do.

And, there are some extenuating circumstances that prevent this from happening, but for the most part, most are happy to take advantage of this blessing.

Some volunteer couples choose to take the same day.  Due to the workload on Les, Les works most of the day and tries to take off a couple of hours on Wednesday.  Les generally does not feel the need to take his time off but will join me for an hour or two in the afternoon.  I, Catherine, get the entire day off.

Monthly – Each volunteer is allowed a weekend off.  Since our volunteer staff is four couples, this offers us a nice rotation for each month.  Les and I are off the third weekend.

During this new season of COVID-19, get-a-ways to different places has become more of a challenge.

Places to visit are not always open or need a reservation.


The ARC’s vehicles are in high demand for the various functional needs of the ministry, so volunteers are expected to take public transport for these get-a-aways unless it is a staff get-a-way.

During one weekend off, we experienced this public transport.  It was fun to learn how it all functions for the population.  This system does not run on Shabbos (Shabbat) or Friday.  So planning ahead is key with the transportation you take.

We are Les & Catherine DeRoos and currently serve at the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) in Beit Zera, Bikot Kinneret, Israel.  We came as volunteers to help agriculturally and nutritionally.  We are so blessed with this unique opportunity to serve and experience what many people only dream of —  being in Israel.

If there is a topic you would like to hear about, please let us know.  We would enjoy sharing what piques your interest in Israel.

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