August Weekend Getaway

LES IS MORE – There is truth to this play on words!

On August 13th, right after lunch and after celebrating Les’s birthday, we were able given the keys to the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) vehicle to go to town.  It was the beginning of our get-a-away weekend beginning Thursday 13th – Saturday 15th.  Our normal weekend was for the following weekend, but we were given permission to take Les’s birthday weekend off.  What a blessing!

This get-away is the once a month time off for long-term volunteers.  Just recently, we had another get-a-way as a staff.  You can watch this getaway here. Two get-aways close together like this is a rare and special treat.

The very next day, Friday Shabbat, we were given the keys to the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) vehicle again to head to Semach, the closest city from our Kibbutz town.  We were going to enjoy a brunch at a favorite spot of our ARC founder.  Semach has a mall-like area on the way to Tiberias that has our favorite coffee place called Aroma.  Aroma is another popular place, a small diner with deserts and meals.  We walked the perimeter to see what all they offered and took extra time to visit the local grocery store to see what they had as well.  Then we headed to Landwers, a popular place to have our brunch.  The 102 degrees weather is not the best time to do much unless it is if you are going to a water park, which there happens to be a fancy one in Tiberias.  It is called AQUA KEF – ISRAEL’S FLOATING WATER PARK AT THE SEA OF GALILEE.  We just drove past it, but looking into it revealed it to be quite the recreational place.  Please watch our get-away experience here.

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