Meet the ARC Staff/Volunteer Group

THIS IS OUR STAFF!  We are in the Aliyah Return Center’s (ARC’s) vehicle heading up the hill to Poriyah for a morning get-a-way breakfast.  Get-a-ways are very special times that I think I would like to share what they look like in another blog series.  Each one is very unique.

Garret & Christina (front seat)

Garret is the project manager on the ARC’s property.

Christina is their ministries manager and fills in when she can.

Les & Catherine (middle seat)

Les maintains the health of the tree population at the ARC.  Les works with Garret on many projects but also takes care of the grounds of the ARC.  Les helps with receiving people that come and stay in the Airbnb membership suite and makes sure their stay is comfortable during their stay.  Les runs circles around many moving parts at the ARC.

I, Catherine, work as the kitchen manager (checking inventory and places an order when something is low and helping keeping it clean.) I also help with Shabbat planning and preparing.

Russ & Karen (back seat)

They are the ARC’s media team.  This is a critical role for the ARC.  Russ captures events and other things on film and edits it.  Karen maintains the binning (filing, organizing) of each B roll (the supplemental or alternate footage and intercuts with the main shot, interviews, documentaries).

B-roll footage plays a huge role in the filmmaking storytelling process. It’s just as important as the main set-up shots in creating a captivating film, but often it is not given the consideration your film deserves.  It is a full-time job!


Christina – The ARC’s office manager.  She is very instrumental in all the necessary paperwork for passport, in-country insurance, and works closely with the Jewish Agency.

Rain – our remaining original nucleus daughter.  She works in the office with special projects, newsletters, designing programs that help the ARC stay connected to its support base.

Teresa – is the bookings arranger.  The ARC has three places online for booking an Airbnb in Israel.  This is a form of revenue needed for the ARC on top of the donations from people who love Israel.

Moshe – Chaim’s brother does a lot of managing of some of the building projects.

We are Les & Catherine DeRoos and currently serve at the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) in Beit Zera, Bikot Kinneret, Israel.  We came as volunteers to help agriculturally and nutritionally.  We are so blessed with this unique opportunity to serve and experience what many people only dream of —  being in Israel.

If there is a topic you would like to hear about, please let us know.  We would enjoy sharing what piques your interest in Israel.

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