The Finer Skills In Life

This post is W A Y over due.  I began writing this in October, 2017, three months after the actual event in July.  This is now September, 2018. WOW!  Now, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Thank you for sticking around!

The month of July, 2017, was the second busiest schedule I, Catherine, have experienced, since the beginning of LWC ministry in Haiti.

Some of you know that I am a planner and researcher.  I enjoy planning, every little detail, a perfectionist at heart.  If I am going to teach something, I want to do it with as much skill and knowledge as I can so I don’t stumble through the task when performed.  So I am not wing-it, spur of the moment person.  That’s Les.

Planning an event in the US is certainly a challenge depending on how particular you are.  It is another level altogether planning an event outside of the US.  You need to know ahead of time how many people will attend the event, what theme or topic will be presented, what materials you will need, the amount of time it will take for those items to be delivered.  So during the 2016 year, I began planning to teach several classes in the summer to offer classes in practical skills and finer arts skills in the areas of baking, gardening (agronomy), sewing, first aid, oral care, making paper beads, Music, crochet departments.  Hmmm, that does sound a bit ambitious doesn’t it!  I had shared my desires and thoughts with Eddy, but my visits with Eddy are usually few and far between.  Time was ticking away, and I needed some answers; my verbal processing tendencies were sorely not given the attention I thought I needed.  I needed to figure out how the schedule would look at the center, finding interpreters, and helpers (a team with these specialties to help), etc.  I was trying to figure out how to fit it all in. As it turned out, I only had time to teach an oral care class 1, 2, 3, 4 during that 2016 Summer.  The Summer before, I had begun teaching sewing by hand and machine on a smaller scale on an individual level, as well as some crocheting to some of the older girls.  Teaching on an individual level is my style.

Then, upon returning to Haiti in January 2017, I found that they had started professional classes, some of which were on my list.  Part of my problem was solved with the number of classes being offered and that I would not be responsible for.  So I began targeting three of the class topics I had been focusing on in a smaller way.  I started planning, collecting materials, and just before the school year was over, I had one month to teach three different classes.  The next step was finding a way to fit them in and then create a sign up sheet to include only six for a class involving 4 girls and 2 house mothers for three different classes: Paper Bead Making, Basic Hand Sewing, and Basic Crochet.  The plan was for those in attendance to Learn these skills in a professional class setting as much as possible.  The house mothers who signed up were very happy for the chance to learn, plus they were great in managing the girls.

I was very excited to finally implement the year and a half of planning; but, to be honest, I was very nervous. I really wasn’t sure if I was ready to handle the necessary preparations for each class on top of the two Bible studies I was preparing for.  After two weeks into the busy schedule, I must admit the actual teaching was going better than I expected.  Instead of using a lot of Creole did one-on-one demonstration, which is the way they like it best.  It was very busy and a little overwhelming; but for the most part, I felt the guidance of the Lord as he helped me deal with each class.  Below is the schedule I kept that last month.

Monday Night @ CCH – All ages Bible Study

Tuesday 2:30 pm @ the Beach House – Paper Bead Making

Wednesday 2:30 pm @ the Beach House – Basic Hand Sewing

Thursday – Free to catch up on laundry and prep for Bible Study Friday

Friday 2:30 pm @ CCH – Youth Bible Study

Saturday, 2:30 pm @ the Beach House – Basic Crochet

Sunday – A day of rest *#:-S whew!

In the end, each participant was given a certificate, a pin, written instructions of things learned, and additional materials to create something.  As you can see from the pictures, all the creative art classes are at the beach house.  It was a lot less distracting than the Center and provided a greater atmosphere for learning and concentration.  I believe you will see from the pictures below, that they worked very hard and in the end were very proud of their work.

Crocheting Class: Hazard Josnithe, Pierre Samorah, Cadet Prisca, Corasme Chrisna, Vererl Manuela, Deser Sovenise
Paper Bead Making Class: Adonaica Jeanty, Jina Samedy, Mericiane Pierre, Saradgine Adonis, Kemberly, Syna Manouchka
Sewing Class: Alcime Kimberly, Petro Claudine, Amor Dieuna, Philippe Pauline, Body Marie, Riviere Keda