Are You Standing?

I didn’t think we would ever use the Armor of God armor suit that Les put on when we did the Armor of God choral reading as a family.

Just recently we finished studying each piece of the Armor of God.  During the series, we had a different girl volunteer each time to put on the pieces of the armor up to the point of the material we were covering.  For easier understanding, lots of pictures were used to describe the meaning of each armor piece and scripture to explain it as well.  Here is a small sampling of the images used.






We always end a bible study series with a quiz/final review in a game format, which they all really get into.  It really becomes deafening with all the screams and cheering on one side or the other for the team members especially when they get it right.  The closer we get to the end of the game, the louder it gets.

04/24/17 Les and Katia – throughout the drama Katia followed Les.  As he put on the armor so did she.

Now, here we are years later, and Les used the same armor suit to help illustrate in practical demonstration how to fight the spiritual battle that we all wage using the appropriate scripture while putting it on.  The drama did look a little different from our family version and there was a bit of excitement added.  The drama included satan’s accusations with Les, the soldier, responding to the fiery darts.  Graciously, Zachery’s friend, Alex, visiting from Mt. Zion school of ministries, helped fill Satan’s role and portrayed and prowled around like a lion looking for that weak, open spot to attack, and how he would devour the soldier, Les.   He came from within the crowd of kids with a big roar and even stalk the kids a little.  Les was  taunted, accused, and stalked by the devil.  He used his shield to guard himself and somewhat steer the “lion” away.  He remained attentive and alert.  I think they enjoyed it and now have a better idea how to use each armor piece.

The LORD God has given us such a huge gift with this armor in Ephesians 6:10-18. I, Catherine, learned a lot as I prepared for each lesson.  This has to be one of my favorite studies.

Being followers of Christ, we are all soldiers in His army.  What kind of soldier are you?  Are you fitted well with your armor on?  Is it in good shape: polished, sharpened, and fitted?  Are you practiced up?  Are you prepared for the “spiritual battle” that is waging around you?  Are you standing strong and continuing to stand?

May the LORD God help us to STAND FIRM in our faith in “the day”.

  • Thank you Les for being a “good sport” and playing the part of the soldier.
  • Thank you Zachery for helping translate such important truths for these young soldiers.
  • Thank you Alex for your willingness in the last-minute request to participate in the drama.
  • Thank you Olga for recording this drama.
  • Thank you Lael for the special picture.
  • Thank you Mom DeRoos for finding it, getting it ready, and sending it to us.

The Joys of Ministry

Zachery, Josiah preaching Les, Zachery

Family in Ministry

What a blessing it is to have your children serve with you on the mission field as adults. Zachery, who is now fluent enough in Creole to preach, has been able to help translate for his father.  This father/son ministry relationship is very special indeed.  We used to think that ministry doesn’t get any better than this, but we were wrong.  Recently, we had the privilege of watching two of our sons work in tandem.  Josiah came to visit Haiti and had the opportunity to preach a message while Zachery translated for him.  By God’s grace, and with great thankfulness, we are seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ being shared through our children unfold before our eyes.  Thank you Jesus.

Dramatizing the Bible

I finally did it.  I decided I was going to tackle reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible Creole version.  Reading for the first time, and with only a few glitches, the girls were surprised and gave me wonderful compliments.  After reading in Creole four weeks in a row, they commented that I was reading very well and now it was Les’s turn.  🙂

Monday Night Bible Study has a slightly different flare every so often.  Although the Jesus Storybook Bible is for young children, many of the youngest girls fall under its age group level and are still challenged with it. It worked out very well to try story telling through the pictures in the book and interjecting questions along the way. With all the little girls sitting in front of me looking at the pictures while I was vocally dramatizing and adding a few arm motions, Zachery, with a creativity all of his own, added his own drama as he interpreted. Using a basketball as a prop under his shirt for Mary’s pregnant belly and the wise men’s camels positioning it on his back under his shirt, he bent over and walked like a camel. We wish you could have been there.  We wish we would have gotten it all on video/camera.

All of the girls really loved it, from the youngest to the oldest.

What a joy it has been to have Zachery helping with translation for Monday Night Bible Study. He truly has added another dimension to these studies.

All I can say now is, ZACHERY, what will I ever do without your help.  Monday Night Bible Study will not be the same while you and Olivia are gone.